To: General Public

From: Connor and Garin



Ok, hypothetical: you're sitting at work, toiling away on Facebook and YouTube like any decent employee, when it hits you. You don’t care that your Aunt Libby just saw Dark Knight Rises for the first time (and your cousin Likes it!), and after all, sneezing pandas are considerably less cute after 3 consecutive hours. Luckily between the status updates and auto-tuned news videos, the Almighty Interweb gods shine down and bring you here. What do you do?


Answer: you listen, you laugh, and you learn everything you ever wanted to know about the meandering musings of two guys on today's hot button issues. From the merits and consequences of different superpowers to the inevitable ethical dilemmas of run-ins with mythical wish-granting creatures, we leave no stone unturned. So be a responsible citizen. Stimulate your mind and educate yourself on the relevant questions facing our species today. Or just sit back and enjoy better way to waste your time.