okhypothetical – Ep 008 – Creepy Saddle

Be careful who you bump into on the street… She could be a witch that turns you into horseback riding gear…


okhypothetical – Ep 007 – New Anthem

Time for a new National Anthem and YOU get the choose the band that is going to write it!


okhypothetical – Ep 006 – Lottery Genie

Congrats! You won the Genie Lottery! … However there are some restrictions…


okhypothetical – Ep 005 – Tiger Bank Party

Oh no! You are caught robbing a bank…What are your demands?


okhypothetical – Ep 004 – Powers or Family

You can have ANY super power you have ever dreamed of… but you will have to leave your family and loved ones behind. Do you take the powers?


okhypothetical – Ep 003 – Little Green Slave

You accidentally capture a  wish granting leprechaun and have one of two choices… Do you keep him? or let him free?

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okhypothetical – Ep 002 – Drug Free Eagle

If you could be any animal left to function in your normal day to day life what animal would you be?

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okhypothetical – Ep 001 – 3 Day Weekend

What would be your first decree as ruler of a kingdom.

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